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User:Joe_rondx Wiki Admin

User:Pnosker Server Admin

User:Verimad Community Admin

User:5VCurrencies Outline Draft & Wikipedia

User:Prague Mining, Linux, xeon

User:sundaypi Staking Guide

User:ChiefThunderCunt for miner monitor (maybe derricke and birty can review), TV Box Mining

User :ParaplegicRacehorse Mining, linux (Debian/Ubuntu), ARM64 SoCs, linux containers (lxc), VMs, remote management, proofreading, technical translation to lay-speak, Tor, VPNs, third-party resources for miners and HODLers, gonna try to wrap my head around CLI wallet

User:Gnewtzie => TV Box Mining

User:Virtualjj => Setting_up_a_Verium_Mining_Pool

User:Prague Mining, Linux, xeon

User:Bluelynxmarketing => Miscellaneous Contributor

User:keijo Windows, English to Spanish translations.

@birty: solo mining