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Wiki Contribution

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This page shall provide some guidelines about contributing to this wiki. Editing wiki pages is very easy! Setup:

  1. Join our Slack Channel and message @joe_rondx for the user creation (easy user creation is disabled for security reasons)

Short video "How to Wiki"

This veri Wiki

While the main websites also serve as promotional content, the content within the wiki should be rather informal and neutral.

Ask yourself:

  • How did you get started? What infos did you gather, what problems occurred?
  • Did you create any content that might be useful to put into the wiki? Like text files with notes, scripts for installation, maintenance, monitoring, a git repo, optimization tricks, links, troubleshooting experience. Would you share those?
  • What content would you like to find in the wiki?
  • What are the frequently asked questions in the slack channel or forum? Install, Sync, ...???
  • You can always contribute to this very page. Any thoughts you have about the wiki? What am I lacking to get you going?
  • Have you ever written wiki pages?

Help on formatting, language, spellchecking,...

There will be needed some spellcheck/proofread, because not everyone is a native english speaker For now just don't worry too much, that can be a dedicated task before launch

Focus on text first and keep formatting limited for now. Once the texts are improved and the actual content becomes more clear we work out a common format.

Design thoughts

  • Short intro text that is easy to understand.
  • This Wiki is meant to be a knowledge base for the cryprocurrencies VeriCoin and Verium. Although decentralization is a major goal for a cryptocurrency, a centralized access point for information is to favour and the wiki-interface provides community driven content and moderation.
  • A topic central was already suggested for this page and isin the FAQ atm. It might be quite similar to the menu with extensions.
  • The pages accessible from the main menu (sidebar) shall be kept short. For further content create new pages.

Contribution needed / Please work on:

Content need: urgent


Content need: moderate



Stage 1 done

to be edited and reworked:

Stage 2 DONE: V1
  • VeriCoin & Verium (My idea is to just briefly mention VeriCoin and Verium here and link both. The main focus should then be put on the dual blockchain technology and how VRC and VRM work together. This is the place for more general information about the whole project as well.)
  • VeriCoin


Page setup

One may divide the page into 3 parts:

  1. Introduction and overiew. Start easy and general. (Can someone explain it like I'm 5?) Provide internal and external references
  2. Table of Contents. Based on the headings used.
  3. Wall of text after the intro.

Edit existing page

  1. Browse to the page you want to edit.
  2. Click "edit": File:Contribution edit1.png
  3. edit File:Contribution edit2.png

The Core Wiki Syntax is only 5 things

Headings (add more "=" for deeper Level)

 == Heading ==
  • Lists
 * for dot
 # for numbers

Bold text

 '''Bold text'''

Code display

   two spaces "  " at first
 or use <nowiki>code here</nowiki>

Links (external)

 [url name] (separated by a space " ")

Links (internal)


To add an image copy this:


and edit the name and extention. Then paste it into the page you want the image to appear. First a red link will be shown like this File:NeverCreateThisImage.png You then have to click it to upload your desired image.

Complete Formatting Help.