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Verium Wallet

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In order to use Verium you will need to use a Verium wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software used to store, send, and receive digital currency. It may be viewed as an account in the ordinary banking system that serves as online banking client as well. Instead of an account number your wallet comes with addresses also known as public keys[1]. Cryptocurrency itself is not actually “stored” in a wallet, the blockchain keeps track of the balance of everyones address. Your wallet in fact stores your private and public keys. The wallet should run 24/7 to keep the network stable. Thus an energy efficient device is mandatory these days. It doesn't need much computing power if you are not mining with the Vault directly.

IMPORTANT: Never share your wallet password or private key!

You also need a mining software to mine Verium and store it in your wallet.

Download Verium Mining Vault - Version 1.1

Mine In The Verium Vault 1.1, released Oct 25, 2017 Release Notes

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Paper Wallet

Installation Guides


Mac OS


Source Code

Technical Support Files


Securing your Wallet

The wallet stores private key information in a file named wallet.dat. It contains:

  • keypairs for each of your addresses
  • transactions done from/to your addresses
  • user preferences
  • default key
  • reserve keys
  • accounts


The wallet.dat file is located in

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
 ~/Library/Application Support/verium/

Linux users of the veriumd make sure to use encryptwallet to encrypt your wallet with a passphrase.

Backup your wallet.dat in a secure place (USB drive, CD, ...). Backing up to multiple secure locations is HIGHLY recommended.

Address Management

It is highly recommended to not reuse an address if possible.