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Proposed Logos

  • Discuss Initial Layout

Wiki branding is rather limited and comes down to a top Logo, footer logos and a browser icon. The CSS can as well be altered, but I think the standard design and Colors fit us quite well. For the beginning I suggest to keep the wiki informal and stick with rather standard design.

I'd need someone to provide some nice artwork [by just uploading it? :) ] .

  • Design Requirements (with my dev artwork ;) )
    • Top-Logo Standards: 135 x 135 or 150 x 150 Vrcmwiki.png (at least get "and" or "&" between vericoin verium and type wiki in the vericon/verium font)
    • Customize the logo if really needed: [1]
    • Bottom-Logos Standard: 31 x 88 Vrc logo footer.png Vrm logo footer.png
    • (maybe later?) CSS: MediaWiki:Common.css MediaWiki:Vector.css
  • Provide Access to VRM/VRC branded art
  • Review Branding of Site