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(Thoughts and Ideas)
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Linux tweaks for mining performance
Linux tweaks for mining performance
VMs and containers
VMs and containers

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Grand Curmudgeon :: International Discordance of Kilted Marine Apiarists, Hive #995

  • Beekeeper
  • Merchant Mariner (Engine Department)
  • Nerd

Thoughts and Ideas


  • Autostart miner at boot with systemd (linux)
 I already had notes about that, check:


  • Clustering
    • Webmin
    • Ansible
  • SSH (including pssh, sshfs, scp, sftp, passwordless login)
  • VPS
  • running linux headless
  • stratum proxies

Third party resources

  • exchanges


  • miner monitoring


  • investment portfolio tracking
  • cloud mining
  • renting out your mining rig (miningrigrentals, maybe also nice hash)
  • GPU/ASIC mining for VRM

Advanced wallet features

  • coin control
  • console


  • wallet daemon


Mining-oriented operating systems

Linux tweaks for mining performance Linux#Optimization

VMs and containers