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Welcome on my page! I am the Admin here, to contact me join our Slack Channel and message @joe_rondx.

Have a wonderful day! :)

Wiki Donations

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If you find this Wiki helpful you may consider a little donation to keep it alive and updated.

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Some details:

  • Yes, it's the same address for VeriCoin and Verium - we are going for THE Dual Blockchain :) .
  • VeriCoin donations are highly appreciated and VeriCoin is made for little transactions
  • Instead of actually transferring Verium you may donate some mining / hashes to
 -o stratum+tcp:// -u joe_rondx.Wiki -p joe

Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you.


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Recent Changes

Joes Super Special Admin Page

About Joe

Dear Wiki Visitor, it seems you have come this far to know more details about me - the guy who watches over this veri Wiki.

My name is Jochen Röndigs and I live in Bielefeld, Germany. My name is hard to pronounce for native English speakers, so "Joe" is just perfect. I am a student of Numerical Mathematics working on my PhD at the moment. I did not study that straight, I was running my own company for 10 years and by now already reached the age of 40. During my self employment I worked on many fields: coding (HTML/PHP/MYSQL), marketing (fairs, community), logistics, etc. .

I have just recently joined the crypto community and while I was learning I decided to directly document my newly gained knowledge - and guess what I did: I created a Wiki (Joes Mining Walkthrough). Needless to say that when the community was talking about a wiki that request was kind of made for me.

My decision to hook onto the VeriCoin & Verium train (rocket to the moon) might not have been driven by experience (did I say I'm new?), but I have been following the development and community closely by now and I am sure this is the place to be. I also hope to get a good understanding of the technology, well, at least as far as the wiki will cover it.

Oh, and I won't leave this without a meme: (done right now ;) )