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TV Box Mining

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H96 Pro Dongle Guide by g4b

How to mine with a TV Box like H96 Pro KODI 17.5 4K TV Dongle Android 7.1.1 Amlogic S912 2GB/8GB WIFI Bluetooth 4.1 HEVC H.265 Decoding VP9 HDR.

Caution: What you should know...

  1. It's not 2 GHz, the s912 CPU runs at max. 1.5 GHz. [1] [2] [3]
  2. It's not even 8 cores at 1.5 GHz, the s912 has Big.LITTLE architecture so 4 cores at 1.5 GHz (big) and 4 at 1.0 GHz (little).
  3. Compared to the Odroid CPU (ARMv7) speed is far less, but the CPU is ARMv8.


On August 28, 2016, all members of the S9 family were reported to be internally limited to 1.5 GHz instead of the advertised 2.0 GHz clock rate. As of that date, it was not clear if the limitation was due to hardware, firmware or software issues.

Linux Image

The Linux distribution for TV Boxes I found is done by Armbian for Beelink X2.

Additionally there is a forum thread for Armbian for armlogic s912.

For the Installation there is a more useful thread

The main developer is Balbes150.

A video guide can be viewed here on YouTube

Image download links are:

There is different versions:

  • Debian
    • Icewm
    • Server (tested, works)
    • xfce
  • Ubuntu
    • Icewm (tested, worked)
    • Server (tested, worked)
    • Mate (tested, failed)

For me it was not nessecary to copy any dtb file.

3 GB version

hugepages for debian Server:

 4 threads @ 1 way =  512 MB =  260 HP
 4 threads @ 3 way = 1536 MB =  772 HP
                     2048 MB = 1032 HP

Fireworm command:

 cpuminer -t 4 -1 4 --cpu-affinity-stride 1 --cpu-affinity-default-index 0 --cpu-affinity-oneway-index 4

since the big cores are 0-3 and the little ones are 4-7 (just opposite of the Odroid)

Another option:

 cpuminer -1 10


 sudo apt-get remove unattended-upgrades
  this tends to take too much ram away from the miner and do we really care about updates?

CPU Frequencies in



I got the best results with the precompiled fireworm release