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SBC Images Directory

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This page lists ready-to-use system images for various SBC models.

Feel free to donate some VRM/VRC to their respective authors as a sign of appreciation.

CPU RAM Hashrate Author Download URL MD5 Donation
H96 pro dongle Amlogic S912 2GB DDR3 V1: 635 H/m - V2: 615 H/m User:G4b
Khadas vim2 basic Amlogic S912 2GB DDR4 648 H/m User:G4b
Khadas vim2 pro Amlogic S912 3GB DDR4 659 H/m User:G4b
Tanix TX92 Amlogic S912 3GB DDR4 639 H/m User:G4b
OrangePi One Plus Allwinner H6 1GB LPDDR3 420 H/m User:G4b