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Roadmap Milestones

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Usor is an on chain decentralized username system that will allow users to assign unique usernames to their desired address.

Easily send and receive your currency or asset simply by using a unique username. Long, complicated addresses will be a thing of the past. You will be able to register the same unique username on both blockchains as VeriCoin and Verium private keys and addresses are interchangeable across both chains.


Artis is an on chain decentralized anonymous exchange between VeriCoin and Verium.

Trading your VeriCoin for Verium or your Verium for VeriCoin anonymously, without the need for a third party. Artis allows round trip trading and will allow users to obfuscate their own funds with unlinked transactions and start fresh addresses. VeriCoin and Verium share private keys and wallet addresses allowing you to send to the same addresses on the VeriCoin and Verium blockchains.


Cipher is an on chain, encryption optional, messaging system. Cipher can be used to communicate from one wallet to another with the option of storing encrypted data.

The purpose of using Cipher is to protect your privacy and secure your information. Cipher also allows for decentralized voting on community initiatives and development decisions. Additionally, it forms the basis for future distributed apps that rely on blockchain data storage and transfer, including smart contracts.


Gemini is the merging of both blockchains into one full featured wallet.

The Gemini wallet will allow you to stake your VeriCoin and mine your Verium at the same time. The Gemini wallet will merge all VeriCoin and Verium technologies into one easy to use package. It will allow you to communicate, trade, and participate in a fully decentralized and encrypted environment.


Stratum is a communications layer built on top of the VeriCoin blockchain.

A json-based API allows communication between external distributed applications, smart contracts, and other blockchain powered systems. Some potential applications:

VeriPAY: Allows you to load your VeriCoin wallet with a Debit card or Credit card. VeriPAY will also allow you to tap pay at VISA and Mastercard payment terminals using the mobile app.

VeriMarketplace: A fully decentralized merchant portal for the VeriCoin network. Allowing you to bid on or sell items that are posted on the network.


Incentify is an integrated social media app available on Android and iOS devices.

This application will provide real world application uses to VeriCoin as well as foster a larger more mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency. It will enable the use of VeriCoin as a mainstream transaction system and represent a stunning real world use case for VeriCoin. Send money to your friends and family anywhere in the world in an innovative social media network.

This application is just a slight glimpse into the vast and ever growing development ecosystem that is spawned under the advancements of VeriCoin and Verium technology. Welcome to the future of Social Media with VeriCoin.Incentify will be built for Android and iOS.

Mobile Wallets

The VeriCoin mobile wallet will allow you to stake on the go or while you sleep and make mobile payments with VeriCoin. With VeriCoin’s efficient use of power, low computational consumption and instant payments you will always have your VeriCoin ready to spend.

The Verium mobile wallet will allow you to mine from your mobile device. By default it will mine while charging and on wifi or schedule the app to mine while you sleep. With smartphone processors becoming more powerful,Verium will have the world's largest mining network spanning the globe. Allowing anyone with a smartphone to participate in the mining network and mining a digital asset while they sleep.

Both mobile wallets will be built for iOS and Android.

Mine While You Sleep Mobile Miner

One-Click Verium Wallet Mining

One-Click Vericoin Wallet Staking

Binary Chain (AUXPow Activation)

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